Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dear Wifey - Happy New Year

Dear bunda,

Little bit sharing about hijri year. Hijri year is started when first time Prophet Muhammad hijrah to Madinah. This hijrah is important factor for islamic dakwah at that time. Since Mecca is becoming not too safe. Prophet have to move to another place to gain new Islam strength. In Madinah Prophet start to lead the muslim using syar'i law. That's why many verses that is released when Prophet in Madinah many relate to life law while when still in Mecca many verses relate to Tauhid.

Unfortunately, different with gregorian new year, Islamic new year sometime is not considered important to some of muslim itself. From that reason of beginning this new year is good to choose as a starting point for some of our life resolutions. How we also have to hijrah to be better.

Since sometime, i often like to write a resolution. Usually I did in gregorian new year, on my birthday, in Aidul Fitri or sometime in this Hijri as well. Usually I have long list resolution detaily. For now let just make a simple hope, for our marriage will be never lasting. And happiness will be always with us. Please always stay beside me. Hold hand each other. Embrace and cuddle. Share and story telling each other. Laugh and always play even how old we are. Keep chasing the dream and catching it. Before next year, hopefully we already have proper shelter to live in. In some beautiful place on earth. Where we will growth our children together.

PS: I love you

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