Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dear wifey - Speaker Dream

Dear Bunda,

Have I ever told you that I always want to be a speaker. An engaging speaker. The closest thing that I want to speak about is what I am often doing, Software Engineering. Of course I also want to learn to speak about other things as well. Speaking about Islam for example. But now let me focus one by one.

In 2010 I attended Google Developer Fest in Jakarta. There are many speakers presenting many topics. One speaker resides in my mind until now and motivate me to be like him. His name is Timothy Jordan. His title is (if I am not mistake) Google Evangelist. Which means someone who really passionate with technology. At that time he spoke about social web platform. He introduce several protocol in exchanging social information like Atom, Salmon Protocol and pubsubhubbub (it's not typos, it's the name) protocol.

Ordinary speaker usually will speak using nice suite clothes. Tidy hair. Full manner talk. But IT industry revolutionize those things. Much speaker prefer casual style. Remember Steve Jobs who just using t-shirt when doing presentation. Or Bill Gates that often wear his famous sweater. So that Timothy Jordan. If we see him before going to stage we will think that he must be a band vocalist. He is quite short as westerner. He has colored his hair with a kind of emo style cutting. He use jeans and a t-short. There is an earrings in on of his ear. He looks more like a rookstar than a speaker.

Maybe he have a band but he is a truly a speaker too. He start his presentation by jumping several time in the stage. For another 45 minutes of his presentation, time flies. Every technical thing is explained with very easy way and sometime funny. Somehow what he did represent me. I want to see myself in such stage.

Since a long time a go I want to be a teacher. In general meaning, teacher is someone who share. The things that can be shared are such us wisdom, knowledge or maybe just simplifying the complex thing and not complicating the simple thing. Few month from now I want to see myself standing in one stage, speak and share. Hehe hopefully not a day dream

PS: I love you

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