Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dear wifey - The Train (1)

Dear Chubby,

I always love riding the train. Even in least development country like emmm (Indonesia) I like the train. Of course in Indonesia I will consider only above economy class of train. Because economy class seems so scary.

In Singapore trains are everywhere. Intercity. We call it MRT. In central area most of the line is put under the ground. So we cannot see anything outside. Except when we stand in most front of undrived automatic train like circle line. From there we can act as a train driver and see dark tunnel in fron of us. Out of central are some of the line will be above the ground. From there at least we can see some view. Mostly man made view. A bulding, a road or some cars. There are not too much interest from the train in Singapore except the people itself. The people that busy with their own business and become more and more less to talk each other.

To be continued :)

PS: I love you

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