Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dear wifey - Puppet Hijab Girl

Dear Bunda,

I just get back from bath room. I see you have been sleep so tight. The sleeping beauty.

I love your puppet show so much. I still remember, even though I was so sleepy, I laughed so hard yesterday morning. You always find a way to spreach cheerish around you. Most of time with unpredicted way. Like puppet using fingers represent hijab girl.

Since I was child I always adore with a girl who are using hijab. I adore them because their faith in obeying religion rule. At the beginning it seems that woman have to face stricker rule than a man in religion. Woman have to wear hijab, woman have to be this, have to be that, bla bla bla. But I disagree even from subjective view, I believe religion rule has been prepared with equally fair for both man and woman. For some woman just try to find justification to against the rule, especially about hijab. Most of them will say, I am still not prepared, I will cover my heart first with hijab later my body. Nonsense.

There is almost no timeslot to obeying the rule. When there is rule then we have to follow now, not later and not I will. Saying I will wear hijab when I am ready is similar with saying I will stop eat pork when I am ready as a muslim. Of course at inner level of human mind and human behaviour there will much more complexity about this attitude. Hopefully when we have daughters later we can teach them with very proper way about religion rule within their habit also make sure that they can be understand and not just be a follower.

Btw, it has been time for me to go to office. I cannot wait another episodes of your puppet hijab girl tomorrow.

PS: I love you.

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