Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dear wifey - Science and Social Science

Dear Bunda,

Since long time ago I always love science. I falling in love in Maths and Physics since I was in Junior high school. I did many problem solving in Maths and Physics in my spare time. Usually I will fill up my Student Worksheet (Lembar Kerja Siswa, LKS), a special book that consist many problems to solve. At that time internet have not been so common like now and video games was not sophisticated as now, so I didn't have too much distraction that time.

I have one important reason in choosing science as my preference. I don't like memorizing and reading boring article. In maths and physics most of the text is a number or logical article that is not boring to read. The other interesting aspect is every problem have an exact answer. We didn't face ambiguity when solving number problem. If the answer is 7 and its mean 7. If the answer 10 then its mean 10. No need to argue, no need to write Long rhetorical statement in essay question. Interstingly again, I feel not annoyed if I have to write long answer in math or physics essay question. Usually in essay we have to expand formula and calculation. I always love that

But of course thats all was past time. I fully understand both science and social science are important. Even for now I forgot almost all the thing relste to maths and physics. It has been some time since last time I was interacting with. Need sometime to refresh those informations. Recently I start to interest social science as well. I start to curious about business, pshycology, management, economy, public speaking and so many things. Maybe you could teach me something about PR later ;). Ok the bus almost reaching my destination. Let's talk again later. Have a great day sweetheart.

PS: I love you

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