Monday, October 15, 2012

Dear Wifey - Little Angel

Dear Bunda,

Sometime we feel like can fly to the sky. Sometime we feel like don't have any energy to stand up. Human heart and mind is not mechanical. It is continuosly changes. Fly to outspace straightly if you feel want to fly. Never let you down when you can't stand up. Try to stand on your feet slowly. Maybe difficult but at the end perhaps you will realize that even you can run.

Those words just came to my mind when I went outside my apartment this morning. At the same time I had a vision about you. Suddenly I remember the day when you picked me up at hospital using long blue dress. Even though you always try to act silly, you cannot deny yourself that you are always georgeous. Especially when you are wearing a long dress. I still remember that along the way home thay day you made me laugh all time with your funny and cute act. But still you are always georgeous for me.

Other suits of you that I love so much is your red long skirt. You look awesome with that. When we were leaving bukittinggi you wear that skirt. We were taking several silly photo. Like the one you put your finger inside your nose. Silly, funny and still georgeous at the same time.

Dear wifey I just want to say I am so lucky to have wonderful wife like you. You are trully my love and my angel.

One closing story about angel. A son approaching his mom and start to speak. "You always call my little brother as little angel, right?".

"Yes my dear he is." Answer the mom while she still quite busy cleaning something.

"Then if he is my mom little angel, we he cannot fly when I threw him from balcony." The son continue while walking away.

Mom: "What!!!???"

PS: I love you

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