Monday, October 29, 2012

Dear wifey - Dream and Vision

Dear Bunda,

Right now, while chewing jual banana (read: sale pisang) in my mouth and drink some ginger drink from you while listening latest episodes State of Trance I write this email.

I always love to talk about future dream. I like to imagine. I like to aim the target. I love the challenge. Speaking about future dream actually there are two types of people based on how they react to their dream. First is a dreamer. Obvious. The second one the most important is a visionary. Similar but not same (remember the clause of serupa tapi tak sama :p ).

A dreamer is a person who just live in his dream. Flying here and there like a junkies. He have many things to achieve in his list. Hist mind full of imagination about how is when the dream come true. But this type of person is lack of effort. Most of time, his dream is just a dream. Like a cloud in the sky. Visible but not tangible. Dreamer is a person who look forward but just looking without moving.

The second type is the best. Visionary is a person who look forward and start to move immediately. He have list of things to do and just do it. Visionary is never wait the perfect moment, he fetch the moment. When he want something he will start then talk. Not talking too much but never start.

By the way, this distinction is based my own analysis, so most likely you will not find elsewhere and this concept most likely will be not too valid :). By the way again, I share this concept just to make sure I am not too often to be a dreamer but more to be a visionary.

This story just come out after enjoying your morning talk about future. A family, children, a life, a car, a vision. Let's take that dream together while always holding hand each other. Thank you for always share your beautiful dream and vision.

PS: I love you

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