Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dear Wifey - Sweet Farewell

Dear Bunda,

I still remember the first dear wifey letter that I wrote the day after the first time you left on 24 March 2012. That day was so hollow for me. Everything feel so empty and lonely. And start today maybe I will fell the same way again.

Dear I am so sorry cannot accompany you before your flight. I feel so sad actually. Until yesterday morning I was still expecting can hug and kiss you one more time before you left. I miss the smell of you and I miss when my skin touch your soft skin. But at the end this morning I still in Singapore and aproaching you this evening is not visible for now. I just wish you to have safe trip.

Dear if everything go smooth, my contract will be end May 2013. Still long time is it. But after trying to stay away from you for more than 4 months I hope both of us will strong enough to live separately at this moment. So the soonest visible time to see you again will be after that May. Hopefully we can have matching free time and derping around interesting place there. Hopefuly we will have enough saving at that time that we can spent without bothering other important thing like buy our new house. For now I don't have any interest to buy that cute thing like XBOX :D, at least until we have our own place to play that XBOX.

At the end of this year some scholarship result will be announced as well. I don't want to have over expectation and just want to let it flow, all is well. :). Btw I think I arrive at the moment of immune against failure. Failure is good teacher and lesson learned. I will hope for not failing. But eventhough it does, there are so many trials that I can do more.

I believe in between this long time, there will some surprising sweet scenario that will happen. I don't know what I don't know when exactly. I just believe. I am sorry one more time if I don't treat you properly when you were in Singapore. I am so sorry if I ever have some behaviours, words, or statements that make you uncomfortable, honey.

Now I am staring an empty single bed in front of me. It was someone there, a sweet girl with cute cheek sleeping there so peacefully. I can't wait to see that beautiful girl again.

PS: I love you

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