Monday, October 15, 2012

Dear wifey - Taken

Dear Bunda,

Seeing you sleep so peacefully make me feel miss you so much. You are trully an angel for me. With enermous patient and care. Sometime I often shy still haven't as care as you. But believe me, inside here in my heart I always care and love you. I will do anything for you.

I remember you throw me a hard question at the moment before we got married. More or less you had asked, "How long you will go, to get me back if I taken from you?" You asked to me at that time. It was one hard question. I want to answer correctly without being too bullshit. I don't like word and rhetorical playing. Just talking so much but not represent a truly of us. I prefer to be judged from what I am doing not just from what I am saying. I forgot what was my answer that time. But in silence I want to answer, I will do anything for you.

Seeing you sleep is like seeing our future. Seeing how will our children looks like. Obviously like her sweet mother. Seeing about my dream to have a proper and honored life. Happy inside out. Life with contribution to other as well. I don't know the exact form of that contribution yet.

Anyway, this is maybe just a short email. I just want to say from the deepest of my heart that I always love you. "How long you will go, to get me back if I taken from you?" I will answer, I will never let you taken from me.

PS: I love you

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