Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear wifey - Take Care

Dear Bunda,

Finally the day has come. So sad, even I cannot accompany u to Changi. ;( Have a safe trip dear. Till we meet again as soon as possible.

Sometime I cannot strong enough to know or realize exactly when that "soon" will be come. Next month? three month? Half year? Or another september? Don't know. Actually at the first time you left, I prepare myself for not see you for 2 years. But Allah is so kind to give us a chance to meet with plenty of time, at least until this morning. I hope we can get another surprise to be met in very near time. "soon" is my favorite word now.

Dear baby, like usual I really want to drop a tear this morning when you left the hospital with the cab. I need more more time to hug you and enjoy warm of your body like we often did in weekend. But it is never enough.

Dear baby, have a safe trip and happy studying again. You always be my inspiration. I want to be like you too. Get to study again very soon and stay together with you without any break anymore.

PS: I love you

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