Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dear wifey - Bajaj Driver

Dear Bunda,

India quite similar with Indonesia in term of transportation system. Although recently they start to develop a lot of new modern public transport system like MRT but most of existing option will be tradional. One of the example is Bajaj the very familiar three wheel passenger vechicle.

This is one of the story of arogant bajaj driver. Seems to be arogant until we can see more what is inside him. One day he drive his bajaj around corner of Bangalore. Finaly he got one passanger. The passanger want to be drop off in another corner of the city. After negotiating the price the made an aggrement. The bajaj is taking off. Along the way both of them talk something for a while. Sometime both of them also just silent.

India similar to Indonesia, specially Jakarta in the traffic. Trafic jam, a lot of impatient and undiscipline driver also horning everywhere and everytime. Noisy and hot. In redlight there are many unusual people as well. Variety of seller and sometime beggar. One beggar approaching our bajaj to the passenger deck asking some money for food. Without taking too much time the passenger give some money. Then the beggar ask money again to bajaj driver while holding his hand up. The bajaj driver ward the beggar hand as a sign he don't want to give any. "Go!" Said the bajaj driver. But the beggar start to annoying and force keep asking. "Go!" Bajaj driver again.

The passenger then remind the driver "Hei don't be like that. Have a manner. Give some money will not make you poor".

Finally green light so the bajaj move again. "He looks so healthy and complete, he supposed to work not just begging money." Finally the driver speak again after sometime of silent.

The bajaj arrive at destination and the passenger get down. Once more the passenger speak something "You supposed to respect beggar. They just unlucky people. Don't be so that stingy." The driver doesn't respond anything and just move a way.

Sometime later, the driver after driving his bajaj around the town and drop off some another passenger he stop in one of small foodstall for lunch. He turn off the engine and open his front door. His left leg is getting outside from the cabin. Then a walker stick comes later. There is no right leg. Empty only up to his thigh. He then walking slowly helped by his walker stick to the food stall. Taking rest a while after whole day hard work.


Dear bunda, the story can be interpreted as we want. Little bit similar like yesterday story. The most important thing is never judge to early. Respect should be we more put to hard worker rather than a person who just not work.

PS: I love you

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