Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dear wifey - Passion

Dear Bunda,

Like my status last Saturday I plan to do nothing this weekend. :p But anyway actually I did some little things. I was going to library to lend some more books. I went to cinema watching a movie today and stop by for a moment in Kinokuniya. From yesterday and today I also read some little things. Some part of book, some article in Entrepreneur magazine and also Harvard Business Review. I know inside of you will yell to me "Just do it!". I am doing it honey (whateve it means). :D.

This two days, I was gathering again my realization of being up to date person. In this competitive world, being not up to date will make us left behind. Either in sense of materiality like financial things and also in sense of fulfilment and happinest. That's why we supposed to keep maintaining the spirit of never bored to learn and improve. Always read something interesting, taking nice course and get useful certification for example.

I still cannot depicted detailly where I'll be and how I'll look exactly (in term of achievement) couple of months from now in future. But I fully understood that we have to be more settle in many ways. Especially in financial capability. I want to have proper career, either work in decent company or work independently as an expert consultant. For that, I want to find my real exact passion and specialization. I believe that real interest is not too far from where I am standing right now. I just need more deep knowledge and understanding. That's why I always interest to take master degree or to get some certification. In IT industry, sometime certification is more valued than master degree.

Without being too technical, I have several specific interests. First is Information Security. Second is Data Scientist. Thirds is System Engineering. I think my real passion is somewhere around that. I will elaborate those sometime, hopefully will not make you fall sleep. Don't know why I just feel so excited recently. Very excited.

How about your passion? :)

PS: I love you

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