Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dear wifey - The Dog

Dear Bunda,

There is a story about a boy who get a dog as gift. But the dog only have 3 legs. The boy hate the dog and is angry to his mom who give it. The mom only smile and talk softly "it is special dog honey. Later you will like it".

While grumbling "yes special. With three leg only" said the boy leaving his mom, but calmer now.

Inside the boy's room, the dog try to impress its new owner by bringing ball and ask to play with while barking softly. "Auf auf...".

The boy while sitting in front of his computer, ignore the dog. "Leave me alone don't bother me." Silent. "You cannot catching ball with only three legs."

The dog keep insisting with so cheerful expression. If it is a human he must be smile very sweet.

To make the dog stop bothering him, the boy take the ball and throw outside the room. The dog immediately looks so happy, can be seen from its shaking tail. "Go catch the ball!" said the boy. The dog start to run. Buy only after few steps it fall in its face because it seems so difficult to run only with three legs. But the dog try to stand again. Still cheer-full. Few more steps and fall again. The boy then feel so guilty. "Hey you stop!". He approach the dog which fall again and again. But the dog seen always happy. Shaking tail, bright eyes and a kind of smile face even with only three legs. "Why you seems always happy?" The boy ask while caring the dog in its head. "You cannot run like that." The boy continue to talk.

"Auf auf." The dog respond with happy bark. It still want to play.

"Ok lets go play ball outside. But just catch the ball slowly, don't fall." Said the boy smile now.

Both of them then walking outside the room. A dog with three legs and his master, a boy who only has one leg.


Have you feel great-full today? If not, please do so. Even with all challenges in our life, we are blessed with a minimum complete physically.

PS: I love you

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