Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dear wifey - Happy Monday

Dear bunda,

There is a time when most people don't love monday. Some other people even never love monday at all. That's why to happiness in live people should find the thing that he love most. There is one exact quote relate to this situation from one of ermm... programming book. "We will never happy in this life if we spent most of the time doing something we don't love".

Some of people trapped in that situation. It must be so hard to work 8 hours per day doing the thing that we don't like. But at the other side when our work is our passion time often feels fly. More than that we can get paid to do our favorite thing.

For me Monday is always great. Even actually every days are always great. More than that for muslim, work (and study) are one form of worship. So why don't we be happy facing every of our activity.

So with this short email I just want to invite you to be more grateful every day. I cannot deny there might be a day when we are not in good mood. Just turn your lips into "u" hopefully can bring back our good mood. Happy wonderful monday, tuesday to... sunday.

PS: I love u

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