Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dear wifey - Riding on the rain

Dear Bunda,

This letter has been written since Fridaybor Thursday ago. I just finished it now. So double love mail 4 today. :)

This Singapore morning is welcomed by rain. So wonderful wheather for full spirit of work. Anyway full spirit person never put his spirit depend on something Include wheather.

I always love to talk about rain. Rain always be my only reason to buy descent vehicles to protect my family. A nice large family car maybe to accompany a nice sporty sedan in our garage and a 1200 cc motorbike for out touring like Honda VFR :).

I often riding the bike when raining. Maybe that is not the sweetest things that people love to do. But it is great. Of course you have to do that in full gear protection. A good leather jacket, set of raining coat and a cool helmet.

I always cannot stop sharing about thr enjoymeny of riding bike. But not all the time. When so tired with the worst city traffic and hot weather riding become something not enjoyable at all. Riding is great outside city when the flow of traffic is so smooth and you can push to gas throttle for more than 100 km/h while surrounded with beautiful natural scenary. Sometime I don't mind if it is raining in that situation.

Btw let share another bike story on another love mail.

PS: I love you

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