Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear wifey - Three Girls in death sentence

Dear Bunda,

I just want to share a light story this morning.

Three girls got a death sentence for performing a criminal act. They will executed by group of sniper this morning.

Now the first girl is prepared. The judge ask her a last wish. The girl think for a moment then suddenly shouting so hard "EARTHQUAKE!!!". Everyone got panic and using that chance the girl escape before being executed. The judge so angry.

The second girl now have turn. Although still angry the judge ask the same question like to previous girl. The girl looks calm and suddenly she scream. "LOOK, TORNADOO!!!". Again all the people include the sniper group get intimidated and panic. This second girl take the chance to escape and successful.

The emotion of the judge is gettimg highest. The third but unlucky girl brought to the stage. Following the rule, the judge still have to ask last wishes of the girl before getting shot to the dead. The girl look so anxious and clumsy. Try to make surprise and hoping get some chances to escapr she scream. "FIRE!!!!!".

Hehe. Hopefully you understand the joke ;).

PS: I love u

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