Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear wifey - Legendary Bikr

Dear Bunda,

More or less my interest with bike is descended from my dad. But the difderences are dad understand bike understand until the level of how to fix engine problem while me even don't know where is the location of sparking plug in the bike. Beside that the other reason I love bike so much is because we just a boy. You have to be quite understand for example most of the girls will stop playing doll when they rich puberty. But boy will still love to play radio control even after their 40 years old age.

While dad still stay together with us, I remember that we had two motorbike. The first bike is when I was child. I didn't know and remember exactly how it looks. The second bike the veryblong lasting one is a Honda GL Pro. This type is a legendary bike. He exist before the era a lot of sporty and sophiticated bike was born. Recently most of sporty bike will have monoshock breaker, racing velg, sporty headlamp, etc. But GL Pro has only double shock breaker, spoke velg (we call it velg becak a.k.a jari2), and clumsy square front light. But that bike bring me to many places. To school, to mall, etc.

I mention about went to mall above. When we (me and sisters) were child, we always want to join where our parent want to go. Since we were never have a car (yet), that legendary bike always used as our family vehicle. 5 human on 1 bike. Dad will ride, Vici will sit on the gas tank, mom sist behind while me and Thia will sit between mom and dad in the middle. We have ride to Mall Metropolitan Bekasi and even as far as from Jonggol to Mangga 2 North Jakarta with such style 5 person on one bike. We went to Mangga 2 to pick up me in Patuo house after stay for about 3 years.

That legendary bike also the first bike where I learn how to ride bike with a clutch (kopling). For a man, the real bike is bike with a cluth (we call it man bike). Semi automatic bike (we called it motor bebek) is only for a girl. Even matic bike is not bike at all because we consider riding it is like riding bike without soul. The function of clutch (which same function exactly with clutch at car) is to make surr engine doesn't turned off when transmission in not neutral position. In a man bike the clutch is activated by pressing left handle lever. In a car the clutch is in left most pedal. We have to push clutch when stop in non neutral transmission or when moving and will change transmission. At a glance it seems an inconvinience. Indeed for city ride using man bike will be more tired compare to ride matic bike. But for the real riding, for example ling distance touring, riding large engine man bike cannot dedcribed with a words. It has a great power with full of control and sharp response. I wish I could have some changes to ride in Europe maybe on a nice summer with 1000 cc BMW bike.

Anyways this mail is getting too long. Let share another story next time.

PS: I love you

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