Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dear wifey - Infobessity

Dear Bunda,

Fortunately (or unfortunately) we are living in amazing era. The era where information is never as accessible as now. Where we can reach almost any information artifact from every human history only by a few clicks. We are living in information overload era. Some unlucky people can have infobesity problem. Overwhelmed and sinked because too much information to consume.

Actually those random thoughts were coming sometime ago when I plan to prepare it for a toastmaster speech. But considering that topic is so heavy I postponed it and plan for another more well prepared speech. That thought is coming because I myself is overwhelmed with so many information that I would like to consume. I always love exploration either physically or even mind exploration. In my highschool, I had a privilledge to lend a special book that was not lended to another student. Beside main book area accessible to all student, our library also had some special room where a latest book (mostly university text book). Since I was coming there quite often the librarian gave me access to lend any book that I want from that special section. I remember I lend College Physic book by Sears and Zemansky. Btw I was exaggerating about special privilledge I mentioned earlier. There is no special priviledge but the other student usually just don't care too much about book.

Back to the main topic again. In this time one of most important skill that is important to have is filtering information. The amount of information that exist right now cannot be consumed all even for the whole of our life. The first step of information filtering is to find most usable area of our interest, either in personal interest or professional interest. Personal interest example will be our hobby and professional interest will be information that we will need for our work, for my cose will be something relate to coding related. The second step after filtering area is filtering information within that area. This can be done for example by subscribe rss to our favorite information source or browse to the library website to read summary of the book that we interest to read. We will never can read whole the things. That's why we have to skim quickly to most relevan part of information source. Of course the case will be different when we are reading litarature. We have to appreaciate every word from a literature text.

The important of information filtering ability is so significant. Because it will determine how competitive we are in this world. Btw I have to admit this today's letter is little bit confusing but I want to resist my willing for not to send this letter. I try to write better story on the next love mail.

PS: I love you

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