Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dear wifey - The Hungry Human

Dear wifey,

It has been a few weeks again since my last dear wifey. At least it can show how easy to start something, however how it difficult to maintain commitment. I am so sorry I am still not good example of this.

Let start with how peaceful seeing you sleep. Open mouth cute like usual while Garu goggle his eyes in the background. So funny. In a few days Insya Allah I will be there to play with you. Might be when you sleep with that open mouth, I will slip in my tongue inside your lip and you will wake for a moment, push me back and sleep again.

In these few days I didn't do much things. I go to CGH everymorning. The work environment there is little bit strange. Our office located in helpdesk center. So that every minute some phone will rings. Not the best place to code peacefully. Luckily the assignment will end very soon. Most of the people there are pinnoy. I don't know why it is difficult to maintain good streotype to Phillipinos nowadays especially after some bad experience from bad attitude that silly flat mate couple. Even though actually I believe many pinnoy that must be also nice. Some of my colleague in office and even in CGH during last christmast party they invite me to enjoy some foods that they bring and order. Daily at last some hi also quite often coming from their mouth. Lesson learned, stop streotyping even though how stereotyping people seems so much true.

Moving to the next topic. In some last days I read trilogy of Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games. Little bit late because they hype was rising since 2008 but I just read right now. The story is more or less about game of hunger. In not exactly described dystopian future world are not same like now. Some undescribed disaster have changed our world. There is Panem one country in where North America was. Every year Panem held The Hunger Games, gathering one boy and one girl from every district in Panem chosen by lotery. The boys and girls have to kill each other in arena of Hunger Games. It seems sadistic and it is. However it still bring some moral message. First about killing each other itself. It has been true right now in the real form and in not obvious form. In Indonesia just see student fighting. Tawuran. They are seem not afraid to harm or even kill each other. In non obvious form let see about political drama in our country again. Some people will do anything to get position in goverment. Not to server people but more for their own advantage. Second the books (and the movie) remind us that our world is not owned by us. We have to inherite this to our next generation.

So those are some sharing this morning. I fell little bit sleepy again. Might be will have to sleep for 1 or 1.5 hours.

PS: I love you. See you in Frankfurt in couple of days.

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