Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dear wifey - Frankfurt I am in love

It has been almost 2 years we are mostly away. I still cannot believe that Insya Allah in several days from now we will meet in the blue continent. Like I have written sometime a go. PS: I love you, please wait me in the beautiful city of Frankfurt.

Sometime I pray a lot. Although sometime I stupidly arrogant for not praying. The great things are most of my pray is always answered. Some immediately, some with delay and some other with something better. As God promise that never missed. I got you as my wife is one example. I can work in Singapore with very sufficient income is another sample. I feel health, safe and comfort. How dumb I am if still cannot grateful for all those things? Luckily I am not dumb. I feel so much grateful and to be more grateful is one of continues pray that often I send to God.

However there are some pending prays. To have babies and to get PhD. Patiently and consistently I am walking slowly but sure to approach that wish. Thanks for you that keep reminding me to be more patient and just resigned after present our best effort for our wish. Let God decide what is the best outcome. Good in our perspective doesn't meet it is really good. Allah knows better than us.

Thank you for always being the greatest partner in my life. See you in Frankfurt in couple of days.

PS: I love you

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