Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dear Wifey - Life Milestone

This letter draft has been written few days back and left uncomplete until just today.

Dear Wifey,

Software development project management has terminology called milestone. It is a guidelines for what the project need to complete in future time. The future in this context should be specific so that there is no such easy way to procrastinate. I believe this approach should be done in my life, and since my life consists you then lets we call it our life milestone.

In few days, if everything going well we will have a place called home (it should be read as rented home actually). I hope it will help us in planning what we would like to achieve in the times that will come. Several of those plans might be quite pragmatic, let start write the list what we expect to achieve within 1 year forward. Some of the list might be over optimist and unrealistic but under the sun everything is possible nothing impossible. Eventhough again my less ambition life and easy to give up habit will really need so much attention to make sure all of those milestone will be keep on track.

Having babies Going umrah Buy a house Buy a car Buy a motorbike Have plenty of saving include one urgent saving Have an investment in small business and in stock market (work for other will not make you rich) Settled in better career or find independent job (applied for both of us) Having another awesome world travel Write book (for me and I invite you as well) Let start with book about our awesome eurotrip Continue higher degree study (phd for wifey and master for hubby) and please add other things that I missed...

I have a blessing disguise that my current work nature is not too demanding. Its mean we should have plenty of time to arrange our future life in our spare time. The job is sometime fun but sometime less challenging. I have to more thankful by my stay in Nurman place and learn how he work extremely hard, going to office before 6am and arrive home sometime after 9pm. From there I learn that we should appreciate and use our spare time effectively and efficiently in achieving our dream.

Of course this comfort zone should not hold me forever. I wish we can advance in more challenging and fulfilling life again ahead. Move to US, Europe or Australia for example? Working at google, twitter or airbnb? Resume study in awesome school while have passive income from our side business. Or else just build and start our own awesome business from one peacefull comfort our own villa in outer skirt of Yogyakarta will be cool isn't it? Let just add more another awesome wildest dream that we can ever think. For now, I would like not just stop the dream to stay inside the list but want to bring those outside papers to be something true.

PS: I love you

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