Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dear wifey - 10.000 hours rule

Dear Bunda,

One of the concept that is repeatedly mentioned in the book of Outliers Malcolm Gladwell is the 10.000 hours time to be an expert. Averagely it will need total 10.000 hours to be an expert in particular field. Outliers itself is a book which try to examine several key factors which contribute to high level of success. And this 10.000 hours theory is one of that factor.

In 10.000 hours theory, Gladwell bring some example like Bill Joy, Bill Gates, Oppenheimer and Chris Langan. Oppenheimer is a physician and he was famous for being a head of reasearch of atom bomb creation. Chris Langan is famous for one of smartest American that has IQ 195. But irronically for Langan, with so that high IQ, he is almost nothing. He don't have any notable contribution or creation to the world. No book, no paper and no invention at all. These four guys is considered to spent about 10.000 hours for their expertise.

I am more interested with Bill Joy and Bill Gates. Bill Joy is Sun Microsystem co-founder. Sun was one of the hottest IT company in Silicon Valey USA. One of most famous Sun invention was Solaris one flavor of Unix operating system. And the most notable will Java programming language which is invented by James Gosling one of Sun employee in 1995. Later Sun was acquired by Oracle in 2010. Back to Bill Joy again, like others geek as well, he is very genius and smart. He already programming computer almost everytime since he was only 16. That's why at the time he was graduated from Berkeley, he was considered already achieved about 10.000 hours drill in his expertise and yhave full capability to build Sun Microsystem.

After reading that rules, I was motivated and demotivated at the same time. I was motivated because everytime I read or hear a story about succesfull person (especially person in my field) I feel like have an energy injection to move, act and achieve the glory like them. I was feel demotivated because I often think it was to late to act now. Most of the successful people that I've read, build and nurture their skill since very young. I often feel it's too late to be an expert. I am not young anymore and I cannot imagine if have to spent another 10.000 hours before I am getting the expertise level that I want. If translated into years, 10.000 hours is equal to about 10 years. It way too long the time needed to achieve successful. I realize that no instant approach is better either. I fully understand for every success that we want to achieve is a combination of commitment, hard work and persistence. That's why to against my demotivated feeling I introduce a concept "yes it is need thousands hours to be expertise in some field then start our first hour from now". Somehow it remind me to very famous quote. "A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step".

I might be will not become a famous expert (but I still believe it as a maybe). But at least I have ever try to be such way and have started my journey to thousand hours learning from now. Btw I will share Bill Gates, Oppenheimer and Chris Langan story in other opportunities. ;)

PS: I love you

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