Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dear wifey - Wonderful Breakfast with wonderful people

Dear Bunda,

This morning suddenly I remember a moment when I was staying in Choa Chu Kang. Knowing your friend is a wonderful thing for me. All of them are very nice people.

Every weekend usually we will go for breakfast together. There are some central market near their apartment. In second floor of that place there are a hawker. We usually will eat at malaysian food stall.

Oh ya, we need to walk sometime from apartment to approach that place. But since we went together it is always so enjoying to talk and laugh with them. The member of the party usually me, Feri, Was, Yoso and sometime Fikie when he came to Singapore. We will talk so many things a long the way. We will jaywalkimg silently when suddenly cop patrol car passed.

When we arrive at the hawker we will queueing at our favorite stall, most of time was that malaysian food since there are not many option for halal food. Later we will order our drink. For me most of time I order tea o peng. The one that I always remember is Was. He is really love coffee. So most time he will drink coffe with toast bread and half boiled egg. After finished eat we will talk for a moment then heading home together again.

It was always a wonderful time.

PS: I love you

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