Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dear wifey - Story of old computer

Dear Bunda,

I bought my first computer on my second year in university. After teaching sometime, finally I could collect money about 1.200.000 IDR. I forgot the exact amount. But I was saving (mostly from teaching salary) for quite sometime until got this amount. Of course I cannot afford brand new computer with this money. At that time (2004) personal computer was not as cheap as now. Laptop only exist in my imagination. Because the most standard specification will cost us as much as new standard cub motorcycle price more than 10.000.000 IDR. It often make me want to laugh a lot if compared with today, that very expensive laptop in 2004 is equivalent with feature less sophisticated with 2.000.000 IDR netbook now. Electronic hardwire price is always decline while it technology is always getting better and better. One of other example, my first MP3 player is china product, the price is about 300.000 IDR and only had 128 MB storage can handle about 25 songs only. Today, the smallest capacity of iPod have 8GB storage 64 times of my first MP3 player.

Let's back to my computer. I bought my computer from Nanda. The specs are as follow, Intel Pentium 3 600Mhz (which is more than half of my galaxy notes processor speed), 64MB RAM (which is 1/16 RAM of my galaxy notes and 1/128 of our laptop RAM), 8 GB hardisk (yes 2GB! Equals with standard micro sd card with size less than our nail),CD ROM only because I cannot afford to buy DVD ROM add on, a cute floppy drive and the most interesting a very big tube monitor. Since I bought that set with quite cheap price, the tube monitor itself was not in good condition. Most of time the screen was blur. When using more than half hour my eyes will so tired.

I pickup the computer in Nanda's home in Cilandak. For that purpose I rent a motor bike from one Ojek drive near home. One sexy Honda Grand bike. Then I ride to Cilandak while hoping there will be no rain. When I arrived, Nanda's already prepare all the stuff. After some testing then he packaged everything. Oh ya, he was kind enough to give me bonus one stereo speaker. So I can start enjoy listening MP3. We together hooking all the set at the bike at that old bike. Since the set was quite big, I only have very small space left to sit. So for that about 2 hours ride (since I drive so slowly, worrying my dream computer could drop), I sit more to forward than usual.

The next 2 hours later I was arrive at home with some little back pain holding one CPU and one big monitor at my back on the bike. Unpatiently I unbox everything and still remember when that shiny blury thing warming up at the first time. The operating system that cute computer was Windows ME, one version before Windows 2000 and two version berfore ubiquotus Windows XP. Some months later I always hope that I can install Windows XP in that old machine. But never come true because one time I try, it was so slow and almost not usable.

However that old machine accompany me until my last year in campuss. Helping me finishing many assigments and reports writing. If you wonder, we can still see it existence in my home. I had replace the old casing with the new one, upgrade the RAM to 256 MB, and hardisk to 120 GB but most of the thing is still similar.

PS: I love you

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