Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dear wifey - Legacy to leave

Dear Bunda,

I want to continue little bit a discussion about outliers. For all the time I always want to be an ouliers. Someone significance. Did you remember an old quote that repetedly spoken by people when we were childhood? When a tiger died it leaves it color. When an elephant died it leaves it ivory. Then what is leave by human when he dies? Legacy? Wealth? Not incorrect but the right thing will be knowledge and wisdom.

Have we ever meet Nabi Muhammad? No we haven't, because he already passed away even before we exists. But all muslim will know him by his enermous legacy that he provided for us. Knowledge, wisdom and Islam which is revealed by Allah through him. Same case happen for example with Einstein, Newton, Dennis Rithie (he is the inventor of C programming language which act as an important foundation for digital era), Ken Thompson (co-developer of C), Bill Gates, Buya Hamka, etc. Most of us never meet them yet. But their knowledge and wisdom affects many aspect of our life.

Now there are about 6 billions human population on earth, stastically for every second there must be someone passed away. All of us right now is in queue to wait the turn. The question will be, what we gonna leave for our descendant? Money and wealth seem valuable. But it last so quickly when knowledge and wisdom will be never lasting. Never too late to gain knowledge and wisdom.

PS: I love you

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