Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dear wifey - Are you sure can meet another Ramadhan?

Dear Bunda,

It is second week of Ramadhan already. Quite fast isn't it? It's feel just like yesterday we start fasting. And also it's feel somehow like just yesterday you left to Germany. Even though factually is not like that what I feel. It's feel like 1000 years maybe. Please don't be affraid. Everything gonna be ok. I will mature and be wise and let's push conflict level to zero. :)

Today I want to remind you about Ramadhan phases. I am sure that you must be have heard about this as well. 30 days of Ramadhan are consist of the first 10 days of rahmat --Mercy from Allah, the middle 10 days of forgiveness and the last 10 days of will be phase of freedom from fire. So while about half of Ramdhan still left let's optimize it as best as we can (at the same time this mail is strong reminder for myself). Because we are never know whether will we meet another Ramadhan.

In the beginning of Ramadhan some years a go, preacher in mosque mention about that. Usually after Isya and before Taraweh he will give 7 minutes preach. He engage us to be thankful for another chance to welcome Ramadhan. Because, he mention several name (Mr. Bla bla, Mr. X, etc) not lucky enought don't have that chance. "Even of those guys came to our mosque right now", the preacher continue, " all of us will run scuttled away with panic" he speak again, and responded soft laugh by the congregation. The fact that Mr. Bla bla, Mr. X was just passed away in between that Ramadhan in one Ramadhan before.

I fully realize that sometime I don't walk the talk. Hopefully bu this short email will push me little bit to at least crawl my talk.

PS: I love you

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