Monday, August 6, 2012

Dear wifey - Story of 10.000 USD

Dear Bunda,

In 2009 I participated in an event held by Yahoo. The event title was Yahoo Mobile Developers Award. Regardless of Yahoo dominance as internet company that decline year by year, that event still take interest many developers. The event itself had aim to introduce new platform in developing mobile website. The name of the platform was Blueprint. Ironically the platform never gain it success and died not too long after the event. For introducing Blueprint Yahoo conduct a contest. Prize for the winner per category was very tempting, 10.000 USD. Even for best of the best will be granted another 10.000 USD.

The contest was very simple. Developing website prototype using Blueprint. With sufficient knowledge it can be done in less then total work of let say around 48 hours. But like usual I was too lazy. One of the reasoning was at the same time I was quite hectic in office. Project deadline and have to stay in office in long hour. So, I never finishing the application for the contest.

At the other side my colleague who was working in one of sister company of my company have enough spare time. He was work as consultant. But don't know why he said had much free time. Even he sometime play counter strike in office just because there was almost nothing to do. Then when the contest came, he had very much free time to finish it. At the beginning even he ask me a lot since he was not attending contest briefing. Finally with very simple concept but at least workable, he won. He receive his 10.000 USD as if it drop from heaven.

I don't mean to complaining or envy. But that was a great lesson from that case. Always finish whatever you start. Never expect something can be achieved without doing anything. Busy is not a proper excuse for not doing something. Everyone have 24 hours per day but every people have different level of success. Of course this is that make world colorful. World is not interesting if everyone are boss then who will serve the boss ? :)

PS: I love you

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