Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dear wifey - 24 Hours

Dear Bunda,

In couple of hours we will meet again. It's been more than 4 months, the longest time we are being separated by distance since we met. Honestly I feel so shy to meet you again. I know we already married, but not stay together for that long time make a little funny and nervous feeling to me :D.

Dear bunda, I will clean up my room, tidying the bed, sweeping the floor, washing all the dirty clothes for welcoming you. Around 24 hours again I will see you and you will see me. Do you still remember the night at Soekarno Hatta when I was crying while hugging you before you enter immigration area. I thought it will be not easy to stay away from you. Yes it is not easy. But at least I am getting used to be more little bit patient. And always looking what is the secret meaning behind all of this beautiful scenario. Several weeks after you left, I often look our pictures. Most of time tears will drop for unresistance miss feeling.

Dear bunda, take care along your travel. Eat and sleep properly. Ask warm blanket on the flight. I miss you so much. And I will miss you either you are far and close.

2 other emails still in queue to reach you within today. ;)

PS: I love you

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