Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dear wifey - The Rain

Dear Bunda,

The sky is cloudly in this couple of days. Even the last two days was always raining everyday. It will be so wonderful to spent sometime lying on the bed. Just not doing anything and enjoying the warm of the room while at outside rain falls heavily.

Rain always bring a melancolic moment. Rain will bring colder temperature. Wet asphalt. Splash of water when hitting pavement.

I have been being a motorbike rider for almost 10 years. The sadest moment but at the same time the sweetest moment on the ride was at the time of raining. If I brought a wet suit, I will stop to nearest place with a roof to use the coat and continue to ride again. If I didn't bring it I will stop and wait until the rain stop or until at least the rain not so that hard anymore. But most of time the rain is never stop at the time I move away again. So at the end I always get wet with or without stopping.

While stopping I often stop in different places. My favorite will be a mosque. Because usually it will be more comfort and warm. One I remember was a mosque near Pondok Gede when I was still in college. At that time I stop from before maghrib until about 9 PM abd the rain even still not stopping yet.

Beside mosque, other nice stop is warung. Not as comfort and warm as mosque but at least we can chew so many things. Other option will be a gass station, people front house or just an empty building.

Seeing cloud this morning bring me again to all of those memories. Rqin will be always a sweet moment.

PS: I love you

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