Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dear wifey - Story of the nap

When I was child and stay in Paktuo home, they have a very strict rule for everything that I have to do or never have to do. One of its rule was I have to nap everyday (weekday actually) from 2 to 4 PM. Even though I was not sleepy at all, I don't have choice. It was a must. Litle bit speaking about nap obligation, at the night I also have sleep before 9. The saddest thing was, on Wednesday and Thursday there was a Layar Emas in RCTI that will viewing several great hollywood movie and hongkong movie. At that year, if you also remember, every show have to be suspended in every tv station on 9 PM. Because Dunia Dalam Berita will be aired from TVRI. So most of time I will be watch half movie only. Because Layar Emas will continue from 9.30 to about 10.30. In the morning I will woken up at 6 AM.

After nap I usually went outside to play with some of my friend. We play many thing at that time. Soccer, hide and seek, and even play in kindergarden playground near home when we will play jungkat jungkit and perosotan. Around 5 PM I have to go home and taking bath. At the other days after nap, I have to swim one time every week if I am not mistake. Even I was registired to one swimming istructor. That's why even though I never play in river like other village children in Jonggol, I quite have capability in swimming since I was trained since childhood. The trainer name was Pak Suro. Old man aroun 40. Very nice man. Javanish. Later after I go back to Jonggol around time when I was in Junior High School, I heard Pak Suro was murdered by someone, in swimming pool. Somebody hit a hammer to head of Pak Suro.

At the other day before nap I have to attend quran recite class. At that time was famous the use of Iqra method. But my reciter teacher prefer not to use that. My teacher name was Pak Abbas. I attend the lesson with other 3 or 4 my neighbour friend, in her home. One of the friend that I remember was Lia. I attend the class after finishing shool and eat some lunch (around 1 PM) until about 2 PM. After that then I have to take mandatory nap.

Suddenly I remember all this nap story after taking nap several time since beginning of this ramadhan in very comfort sofa in teletech park second floor Singapore. My mind fly for a momment from Singapore to Gunung Sahari Jakarta, and try to guess what was in my mind at the time I was child. What are my dreams, what will I want to be. Sometime few years back, if I don't try hard enough in achieving something, I usually see my childhood picture, and said to myself, that little guy will dissapoint if he know his mature age is not used maximaly to achieve all of his and my dreams.

PS: I love you

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