Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dear wifey - The Astronout

Dear Bunda,

In this last several days (one or two weeks) several jets is flying around apartment. Sometime three sometime 4. It was military jet. Must be very sophisticated one, since Singapore is very rich country. They must be in training. It fly so fast and bring so loud rumble sound. In physics theory, that loud sound happen similar with the case of lightning. When very fast object moving through air, it create low density area very fast. Suddenly, air surround that arie will fill that empty area very fast. Each of those airs will be collide each other and make very loud sumble sound mentioned earlier.

In my childhood me and my friends have two type of dreams we want to be. First one is not serious dream and second one is serious dream. I was kiddding want to be an ojek driver. My friend said he want to be a taxi driver. But of course we were not serious. We just want to make funny thing when older people ask us about dream. My second dream was, I want to astronout. Seriously.

In my childhood I read many scientific books for children. That book was very interesting because contain a lot of images. Most of book that I had read at that time was relate to astronomy and outer space discovery. That's why at that time I really want to be an astronout even though how unrealistic it was.

That is the interresting side of children character. Children always dare to be dream withou considering unnecessary things too much. But at the time they grow, they will realize that when hitting the wall because having "too high" dream is hurt. Then man start too lessen their dream.

That condition can be prevented one of its way is by having supporting family. That's why later at the time we have children I want to be very supportive parrent for any dream that our children have. Under the sun everything is possible. I want to make our children believe it until they grow up and find their own success.

Today the jets was flying again this afternoon still with it loud rumble sound. Somehow I remember about my old dream to be an astronout. Flying that sophisticated flying vehicle and flying to anywhere I want.

PS: I love you

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