Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dear wifey - Happy Ied Mubarak

Dear Bunda,

The last two weeks we were together is one of the most wonderful time in my life. I can't wait to have unlimitted wonderful time with you for the rest of ourlife and there after.

We are blessed by had been born in muslim country. We have full of enjoyment and excitement in every religious celebration especially hari raya and hari qurban (using malay term). Idul fitri always will be a sweet moment where almost all family member gathered. Sometime I can't wait to arrive at the moment when we will gather with our grand children later. Of course as a nice and wise grandparents.

Do you realize that time often moving so fast. For example, do you realize that we have passed 9 months as a husband and wife? I think it will felt like no time for us to became mom and dad also grandmother and grandfather.

Dear bunda, this is my official mail to say happy ied mubarak. I want to apologize for so many mistake that often I made (sometime repeated mistake). I promise want to try harder to be best hubby for you and best father for our so many children. Thank you for beautiful ied holiday from J to J, Jember to Jonggol. Can't wait to enjoy barakah of next ied, Insya Allah with our first baby, with our owned house and of course nice sport car.

PS: I love you

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