Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dear wifey - Rhe Sound of Dddrrrttt Drrrttt

Dear Bunda,

Have you ever heard sound from luggage wheels when dragged on the top of travelator? It sound like drrrttt drrrttt drrrttt when we drag our luggage by walking on travelator. We will hear it mostly in airport. But in Singapore there are some travelators also in MRT station. Usually in interchange. I heard that sound just now. It remind me a lot at the beginning time I moved to Singapore. I quite often go to Indonesia that time. Mostly for wedding preparation. When I brought a cabin luggage and in a hurry for catching the flight, I will make my cabin luggage sound drrttt drrrttt when I walk fast on travelator.

Now it has been more then 8 months since we married and half of it was spent by staying in a distance from you. Sometime time move so fast isn't it? Yes I have discussed time topic quite many. Because it is the thing that separate and also unite us again. The time is now. After 8 months. I reminded by a simple dddrrrttt ddrrtt sound.

Can wait to go to evening of this day and meet u at the airport. I will make sure for us to have a wonderful time together.

PS: I love you

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