Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dear wifey - Love is never easy, here in Singapore city

Dear bunda,

Love is never easy, here in New York City. Quoted from 9 Autumns 10 Summers (or 9 Summers 10 Autumns, I forgot) by Iwan Setiawan. And here it is same. Love is never easy, here in Singapore city.

Your yesterday mail strike me like a ligthning and stab exactly on my heart. Stab in a good way of course. That letter is so short. But every lines and every words and every letters is expressed so gracefully.

Dear wifey, if I can bend the time back, I wanna back to Saturday. I wanna fix everything. I wanna stop think unnecesaary and just sleep even though at that time my body condition was even didn't allow me lie down comfortly. I do not intend to discuss something over and over again. I just want to say that I very regret for all of those things. I don't want to promise anything. Promise is easy to say and easy to forgot. But I wanna be the best husband in universe for you and best father for our children.

I want to take knife and make deep scar on my skin because I already leave so many scar in your heart. I never intend to do any thing that make you hurt. It just happen like that, and even I almost not believe the guy at that time who is hurting you was me. I regret.

Fight is not common in marriage. Good marriage with good husband and good wife. Fight might happen if the husband is not good, like me. But I learnt from that lesson. I will try for never being such emotional anymore. I wont hurt you anymore. It is killing by knowing that you are start to fear facing our marriage future. I fully understand with your scare. If in long distance such bad behaviour of can come out how if we are stay together later? I also start to affraid myself. But honey please believe me, I wont be like that. I say "believe" in here not same as at the time I ask you to believe that we can process your dependent pass at that same day. But I really want to give you full of happiness marriage. I wont angry anymore even if I feel very uncomfort. It is better to just quite and smile rather then being such idioteqully and stupidly furious anymore. Honey I regret.

Dear wifey being far a way from you is a pain. But I will wait with patient and sincere. I believe being far from you is my training for me to treat my wife properly, for the rest of my life. Word is easy to say, but I will try for never forget this.

Love is never easy, here in Singapore city.

Wait me in Germany few weeks from now. I wanna be best husband that never make fear in his wife heart.

PS: I need you

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