Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dear wifey - It's been 1000 years since you're leaving

Dear wifey,

This is my second letter for today. Start from yesterday I even think that will send 1000 letters per day to you. You are too perfect to be true. I am fallin in love so hard to you. It's feel like continuously multiple orgasm. I can't measure anymore my love to you. Unmeasurable. Unlimited. Limitless. Songaporean will say, I die die die fallin in love with you.

Yesterday is grey day. Everything are gloomy. All the things are pathetic. Just because I couldn't reach you. I did that by myself. Stupid, right? Yesterday was very valuable lesson. Which I learnt from it, I arrived at the point that I cannot distinguish anymore between you and me. There is no you and me anymore. Now they both merged into one: us. If you sick, I am sick. If you sad, I will be more sad. I feel we are insperable now. And I wont with any reason.

The more I know you the more I fallin to you. Start from today likely I will hard to sleep again. I really miss your hugs. I miss to kiss your lips. I miss to smell your comfort body. It just have been almost one month since you were leaving Singapore. But it's feel like already 1000 years. You are always hanging in my eyes, feeling my heart, anywhere when I breath. In most of my pray I often ask to Allah to give us nice babies from your cute tummy. I miss your tummy honey. I can't wait to be close to you when you pregnant until the baby come out. I miss you and I miss you and I miss you.

Dear sweetheart, I am sorry for such too emotional letter like this. I even just realize that all paraghraps above is written in English. I feel unconscious. Honey, whatever you do, only my pray can accompany you now. Even though my body cannot reach there, my heart always close to you. I always pray you to be succeed with your study and Allah may bless you all the time.

Please wait me this September in Germany. What I think now and then is I just want to hug you.

PS: I love you

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