Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dear wifey - I need you

Dear wifey,

There was a story...

15 April 2012 ... Hubby: Just let me know if u need something. So later I can send all at once Bunda: I need u ...

It is a sweetest sentence that is mentioned to me by someone. I felt like stop breathing at that time. My heartbeat also run slower. Clock ticking was paused. I felt so happy, one of the biggest happiness feeling ever and at the same time I felt so guilty, and it was one of the biggest guilty feeling ever. I was happy because even only contain three words, that I need u sentence is hit me and make me feel like flying. That was so meaningful to me. And the happiness feeling is still with until now.At the same time I felt so guilty because I already behaved improper to my wife. Even though you made mistake, I suppose to reprimand you properly. But mistake happened. I regret and have learn so many things from there.

Back to happiness feeling. When you say I need u, I feel so honoured. The sensation is similar but more higher compared with my feeling at the time you accepted my proposal in Ramadhan last year. Full of excitement. When you say I need u at the same time I state that I need u more. One of the purpose of marriage is to complement each other. Because every side is not perfect. Good marriage should foster sense of mutual need. There is no I and you anymore. But we are blended into us now. We are always will be need each other.

Dear honey, I've said promise is easy to declare and easy to forget. But I cannot stop to promise that I want to be best husband for you and best father for our children. Human made mistake. I made mistake and you also. But the most important from mistake is the lesson from that. I am not perfect, but I always want to improve myself especially for the one who ever said "I need you" because I also always need you.

PS: I love you and I need you.

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