Friday, April 27, 2012

Dear wifey - Good news and Bad news

Dear bunda,

I have two news. One bad news and one good news. Bad news: my contract in Keane terminated. Good news: my contract in Keane terminated.

Actually I have got this announcement since beginning of this week. But I prefer to keep it by myself because I wont bother your mind. I want to keep by myself until find proper way to handle the situation. But once more like I've said, stupid me, what I did is bothering you more by my incapability to pretend there is nothing happen. Really sorry.

CPM BWI project for BestWestern Hotel that I am working for now is on hold, most likely because budgetting issue. Whole Singapore team got layoff (if I can say like that) from this project because Singapore team has highest salary among other team. By doing this Keane expect can save a lot budgets.

Actually even though terminated from Keane I still ITCAN employee and if I want, I can ask my agent to be assigned to another project that will fit to my profile. I also just realize that ITCAN might cheat me. They never said that contract with Keane have to evaluate for every six months. They just told me that this project will long running. And I don't have backup plan because this. Other their bad intention is they notify us only 3 weeks before contract termination which is against our working contract. We are considering to bring this issue to MoM. But will not concern for that now. For now I am in situation where I have to take decision carefully and correctly.

The good news is, in this situation I can release myself from poin of contract that bound me to ITCAN for two years. So I can go freely now without need to pay any penalty. This situation will be so perfect if there will be some good news from both kominfo and Ilmenau. Hehe. That's why I will keep pray day and night for this. And I will put this perspective as my main concern rather than drag by possibility of desperation from bad news perspective where I put myself there few days back.

Of course being positive is good but being positive and realistic is the best. The biggest problem that we will face that if within few weeks I cannot get certainty, than its mean I broke. The ugliest side of that possibility is I could be broke husband. Single and no money will be no problem. But have family and no money is big issue. Until this.micro second for this sixth month I am in Singapore, I still don't have any savings. I won't discuss too much about financial thing, I hope I can find best solution for us, except in case you would like to fully involved finding the best way to handle these.

Following are my plan. I will wait until second or third week of May. It's mean until then I wont neither ask to be assigned to other project nor apply some job by myself, hopefully there will be good news from scholarship. So if the scholarship approved I just can leave from Singapore and preparing for study without any penalty. For the plan B, I will start looking job after 2nd or 3rd week of May. And try my best not get the job via outsourcing any more and the job without bounding contract with penalty. That will be tough I think. But this is life, right.

There should be a plan C. But I wont mention it and never think to do it for now. I will stick to Plan A. Got scholarship. Sorry so much. I just got my positive mind again today. Several days back full of gloomy feeling and demotivated. Life is tough but this is life. There are lesson for every thing happen to us.

I apologize still cannot be a good husband. I apologize maybe I have to recalculate everything for buying our dream house and nice car for you. But let's always believe Allah Ya Razzaq, The Provider. In the mean time , if you don't mind, please let's keep this information only with us.

Sometime questioning myself, are all of this things showing a sign that perhaps I got scholarship? Haha don't know, but aamiin. Wait me in Ilmenau on September. I learn to be always to positive even in non positive situation.

PS: I love you

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