Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dear wifey - Train and River

Dear Wifey,

I was thinking about river because every morning I walk through river side to MRT station. Suddenly I remember about the train as well because yesterday you jusk asked me about whether there are any trains in Sumatera. How come train and river related in my thinking? It was related with some of my child memory.

When I was child and had been staying in Padang for about one year, I play with other children as any normal children will socialize. I don't remember exactly of everything because I was to small back then. But some of fragment still stay in my head. First is about river. We sometime play to some of the river near my house. From what I remember the river was so wide and seems so deep. Some of my friend with easy just jumping the water and swim there. But not for me. I was too scared and I couldn't swim yet. So I often just go back home again.

Near the river there is very large bridge. Train bridge. So there were train in Sumatera even though rarely for moving people. The main purpose is to move goods. In other day we will play near to the train bridge. We will bring very big nail there. We will put that big nail on the train rail so that the train will run over the nail and make some part of the nail to be flat. I don't know why we did that at that time. But at least I can remember some small train and river memory connection.

PS: I love you

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