Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dear wifey - Welcoming Ramadhan

Dear wifey,

Within one month we will meet again with Ramadhan. This gonna be our third Ramadhan. In 2011 was our first Ramadhan after we'd met. 2012 was our first Ramadhan as husband and wife. Furtunately event though not for whole month we spent last week of Ramadhan together then silaturahim along Hari Raya. In now time flies, we will meet Ramadhan again in very short time. Hopefully we'll have chance to celebrate Ramadhan until Hari Raya together.

Ramadhan always be a special moment. In this month every worship procession are granted more values by Allah. Sunah is considered value of Fardhu and Fardhu even multiplied 70 times. Let make a mission statement for this Ramadhan. Let we try to Qiyamul Lail every night before Sahur, then don't forget for Dhuha after children of Camels exposed to the sun, and why don't we try to Khatam Quran again?

Today's email will be just as short as this. Hubby still feels little bit not fit since sleepless last night. Let's gathered our happiness to welcome our holly month that will came. Let's prepare ourself as well to be ready for the whole month procession.

PS: I love you

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