Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dear wifey - Remembering The Red - Re: Suddenly...

Dear wifey,

I don't know exactly since when I love red. But I like motorbike since I was in elementary school. Motorbike is really manly. Althought at that time there is not too much cool motorcycle around. The coolest motorbike during my childhood is Honda GL Pro. The one that is bought by mom for my dad. At that day there was no Kawasaki Ninja or Honda CBR.

In junior high school some of my friend start to bring motorbike to school. It was so cool. I never have any imagination to ask motorcycle to my parent. So even until high school I just can imagine. In high school more students bring motorbike to school. Usually when such student came and left he would pick a girl student with him. Maybe this was a lesson from God for me. So that I can focus in study instead of hang out useless.

Go to university, I was quite lucky to study in UNJ. Because this campus trully mid lower people campus. Most student will use public transport instead of bring personal vehicle (because most of them include me don't have it). But still some students bring their own motorbike. And I always envy to have such thing as well. I often dreaming so hard to have a motorbike during my time in univesity. Going to and from campus is really tiring. Running and chasing bus make me boring. I was thinking at that time if I have a motorbike, my life will be beter. I don't need to go from home to early, don't need to chase the bus, don't need to breath smoke cigaratte from fuck*ng people.

The dream only came true near the end of my study. I applied one internal scholarship at that time. The amount is 2.500.000. Later I use some of this money as down payment to buy my first motorbike. Red Honda Revo. For installment I pay it together with mom. Sometime she will pay, another month I will pay. By having this motorbike I also have more freedom during my teaching part time job. The bike is used by the whole family. By me, parent and some time my sister. The bike is stand there until around first year I work.

After working I was dreaming to have more manly motorbike. The option was drop to Yamaha Vixion. One of the reason because it has red color. From the time I was start working, I can save most of my salary. My first salary was 2.500.000. But rarely I had expense more than 500.000 per month. Around the end of my first working year, I had money around 20.000.000. Without thinking too much I buy my first fully personal motorbike, CASH.

The bike was with me for about 2 year. Until end of 2010, I heard Honda will launch a new big cc motorbike. It was Honda CBR 250R. I booked the bike since it first announcement. I contact the dealer directly to reserve the bike. I was using money from selling of my Yamaha Vixion as downpayment of the new bike. The 2 years vixion was sold for about 15.000.000 at that time. One of the best day of my life was when the beautiful red biggest bike I've ever had coming to my home. I just went home at that night. The bike already delivered and stand so beautiful in front of my home.

Even though the end is not too beautiful, I want to think positive maybe Allah want to teach me for not loving material thing too much. I still miss the time when I can ride Red (the name of the bike) anywhere. Go to office and also later go together with you before and after get married.

Only several month after the purchase I went touring by myself to Ujung Genteng southern part of West Java. Beautiful beach and place. But the most important was awesome riding. Until now, there are almost no other thing that can replace the enjoyment of riding motorbike. The wind, the road, the corner are some experiences that priceless. Indeed, riding motorbike is risky. Even I had some experiences with that risk by kissing asphalt. But other thing in our life also full of risk. Just never forget to pray before and during the trip.

I cannot wait to had another awesome bike in my life. But of course since I am a husband now, my priority shifted little bit. Family (which is mainly wifey and my future children) are the most important. I really want to purchase our first house and our first car (so that we can go anywhere in a comfort and safe vehicle). After that only maybe I would like to save money to buy another bigger red bike. I was thinking about Kawasaki ER6F 650. But since we supposed to have big dream, why don't I upgrade my wish to something more wonderful like Kawasaki ZX14R red!

PS: I love you PS: Try harder to wake up before sunrise because pray is one of the first thing that will asked by Allah on hereafter. PS: I was listening that song again during my travel to office this morning :-*

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