Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dear wifey - Writers Block

Dear wifey,

Keeping my promise, please welcome today's dear wifey letter. :)

Writing is always moody exercise. It is difficult to write when we are in bad mood or when we think we don't have good idea to write. That's why there is a common naming for such symptom. Writers block.

But from my opinion, writers block is more physchological problem instead of real problem. About mood, adult person actually have capability to adjust his mood. But indeed this is need practice. After we get used of this we can easily switch bad mood to good mood or feeling exhausted to full of energy.

About idea, we don't need to find idea. Idea doen't need to be created. Idea just need to look arround us. Since I was child I always amaze to the people that work in journalism. They always can professionally produce fresh article daily or often hourly.

The same impression I gain from college student. Like you. Student can actively push themself to finish all assignment on time. Mostly not an easy assignment. Even at the end of program they have to write thesis that will be very challenging. I believe you can do it easily. And I really need to learn from you when later can have a chance to go back to campuss again.

Thank you for always motivate me directly and indirrectly.

PS: I love you

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