Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dear wifey - Stuck Brain

Dear Bunda,

In life practical is often not as easy as theory. For example in theory mentioned most of problem can be done easier if we can thinking positive. But practically thinking positive is not as easy as mention it. Especially in non positive situation. The part that I hate most is often mood swinging down to down without clear reason why it happen. Suddenly I cannot sleep last night and same again this morning. Is there any subconscious mind bothering me? I don't know. I as the owner of this mind even don't know that exactly. I also want to survive from this rain. Even though this is not rain at all. This is only small rain cloud. I don't know. My brain stuck this morning. But I always try for not making my heart stuck. Always try to be positive. Never give up. More mature.

Sorry again for this useless letter. In small part of my mind, there always a spirit, even though sometime remaining small. To chase whatever dream to pass through all the problem and survive. This morning I just want to sleep peacefully. And wake up with stronger and more positive feeling.

PS: I love you

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