Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wish for a Baby

Dear wifey,

Do you remember that I have met one Finn couple in MRT. I guest they're from Findland by seeing ther Fin Air tag in their luggages. Moreover it clearly seen that bule couple come from skandinavian country.

The most interesting thing was their cute daughter. Her age around 5 years. Her hair style was so funny, remind me to Dora the exploler but blonde. She was site at the top of her parents luggage because there was no more seat in MRT in that office hour time. Her father take care her with full attention while her mother take care their other luggages. Sometime this little girl sing a long while wathing children video in smartphone that she held (maybe her dad phone). Her dad kept wathing her.

One of the main aim of marriage is to maintain our decendants. I actually is not tipical man who like children. I don't like holding or playing with child of other people. But since get married it has changed little bit. Maybe because the father hormon (is an? :p). I still not too interest with child of other people. I just want to have my own baby from my wife tummy.

The story of this Finn father bring some reflection of my willing to be a father that can close with his children. Father who can be a friend, protector, model, good listener and be respected by his children. I want to be a greatest dad in the world!

Dear wifey, I alwasy hope that dream can be realized soon. Our uncommon marriage make that willing has to be postponed for a momment. Insya Allah will be patient. I think Allah also want us to be more prepared.

I always miss the time when wifey start to ngidam (cravings?). Wifey want many things, this, that, these and those. Your tummy get more chubby because there is a baby inside it. Every night I will fondle your tummy with care. We will talk so many thing every night without boring. I always keep you well, accompany you to doctor, cook for you, make you a milk or anything that I can do for my wife and my baby.

I will be miss the time when our baby will be born. The childbirth run smooth. I will be beside you and hold your hand firmly. Until our baby is coming out and immediately I adzan in baby's right ear and Iqamah in baby's left ear. I still don't know what the baby name will be, but lamida will be always good family name. :)

Hopefully Allah will be always give us wealth and happiness in our life, in this world and hereafter. Miss you so much. Please wait me in one of the city in Europe several months from now.

PS: I love you

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