Monday, March 26, 2012

Sweet Farewell

Dear Wifey,

It even not more than 24 hours has passed since you left, but I already feel so gloomy holding this enermous missing. even though we just get married for just 4 months, but slowly I start to believe that married is full of suffer, pain, sadness, ego and conflict!! But they all only 0.000001 percent compare to 99.999999 percent of full happiness, peacefullness and massive true love in holy marriage.

Dear wifey, although less than 1 year since we've met, more or less I think we feel already know since long time ago and our heart seems have been integrated. From there you supposed to know, behind my strange template face (jutek in Bahasa), there is lying super melancholic heart. Alhamdulillah last night when I escorted you to airport I could control my melancolic side. At least last night I was not crying in front of you. Just for you to know, last week after I accompanied you to Changi airport because you have to go home to Indonesia before go to Germany, I did silly think. On the way I went back to apartment, I stop by in Mydin Mosque in Kembangan. I was crying until my check fully wet because I really feel of loosing you.

Unfortunately, this happen again. I am not resilient enough. On the way I went home riding my motorbike to Jonggol until now when I am writing this letter I feel super gloomy. But the interesting side, when I start to write this letter on my phone, slowly that enermous missing like getting cured.

Dear wifey, don't missunderstand. Hopefully this letter will not transmit gloomy feeling to you. I promise will be a biggest supporter for you in pray and study in Ilmenau. I am sad but I am happy. I miss you but distance between us will not be an obstacle for us. We will always love each other as is we live side by side.

Please wait me at one of the city in Europe several months from now.

PS: I love you

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