Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dear wifey - Danke

Dear Wifey,

Hubby want to say thank you so much for treating me so well during your stay in here. You always patient for waking me up for Sahur meal eventhough I realize by myself that I must be so difficult to be woke up. Thank you as well for preparing all the meal and even feed me using your beautiful little hand.

Dear wifey when I flash back to couple of years ago, at the time I'd just graduated, I have a wish about job. I really wanted to work abroad. The exact country I wanted to work to was Singapore. In couple of years my wish is granted. Indeed, speaking about wish, hope and pray, human always focus to what is not granted yet. But human often forget for so many things that has been received by him.

I still have a lot of wishes. Want to have more settle life, have children, wanna these and those. But I have to realize as well that I have had so many things in this life to be gratefull for. One of example is you. You are the most important person in my life for now. I still love my parents and still need to care my sisters, but still you are the most important one.

Thank you for accepting me, thank you for always being patient with me, thank you for continuously caring me. So sorry if I still cannot be someone as you expected.

PS: I love you

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