Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dear wifey - 2 years

Dear wifey,

Do you remember something that was happening several days before Ramadhan of some years a go? It was approximately about 2 years ago. In rainy night when I was coming to your please. The night when finally we settled a commitment after getting your approval for having serious relationship toward married.

Time flies isn't it? It has been two years and feel just like yesterday. This night I want to say thank you for accepting me.

I cannot wait in couple of hours we will meet again. Hopefully you will be happy during your stay here. We will do a lot of interesting things again together. Ramadhan worships, watching movies, do some traveling, etc.

Two year are short for a relationship. There are still more years to go Insya Allah in front of us. I believe we can sail through it together. I was thinking can write many things in this letter before. But I feel my finger just numb cannot type anything again.

Again I wanna say thank you so much for would like to be with me.

PS: I love you

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