Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dear wifey - Milestone

Dear Wifey,

It is always peaceful seeing you sleep. Words is always difficult to prove anything. But I just want you to know, that my love to you is never diminish. It is always same here in my hearth, the same amount, even larger and larger. But I understand that woman sometime is sensitive. Woman can recognizes and feels something that never thought by a man.

Recently I am thinking a lot about future. Where we will live. Where we will spent most of our time. Sometime I feel so grateful that Allah is so kind to me. And I feel ashamed because I am still thinking that I don't obedient enough. Sometime praying late, rarely reading Quran, etc. But still Allah is so kind. He never stop to give me a surprise. Start from made me get married with wonderful woman. Opportunities to move to Singapore which I cannot deny give us a better life. And now He give another opportunities (when everything go smooth) to go to Amsterdam. Do you know, since long time a go I always want to step my legs in land of Europe. And suddenly when faith has written it can just came without notice. This gonna be an important milestone in my life and of course our life.

I cannot promise you to have a super wealthy life. But I want to promise to have beautiful-full-adventure-never-boring-life. Money is important but not super important. The most important thing is to life grateful and how we can give an advantage to other people. If at the end we still can have opportunity to be a super wealth family, then it is a bonus.

Dear wifey, thank you for always be patient with me. Thank you for always prepare super delicious meal everyday. Thank you for always taking care of me. I am sorry if I still cannot to be a perfect husband yet. But I promise I will learn to be such way.

PS: I love you

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