Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dear wifey - Welcoming My Lover

Dear Bunda,

This last several days with you are the greatest day of my life ever. Even when sometime on those days we didn't do anything. Just lying, cudling, ticling always an enjoyable moment.

In this second years of our marriage I am still wonder where we will heading. There are some plans. But the end result is still mysterious. I just wanna be have beautiful life with you. With some adventures, learning many new things, trying something we haven't known, visiting new place, learn new language, etc. I will make sure that this 3 months forward will be an awesome time for you. I will be your guard so you will be finishing your school assignment with focus ;). I will be the partner for our culinary hunting. I will be a travel mate for our travel adventures. I will be a sparing discussion partner for any of our talk, from light topic to heavy topic. I always want to make sure that you will be happy when you are with me.

PS: I love you

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