Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dear wifey - Grow Old with You

Dear Bunda,

I want to say that time seems move fast. Yes it is when you are with me. But when we are not together actually it feels slow. But thankfuly, the time has come. We will meet again in couple of hours.

Sometime I think life is hard. There will be some test and difficulties along the way. The another benefit of marriage is we are not alone when fighting in this life. There will be someone that will hear our talk. Even there is a song that said there will be a shoulder to cry on.

Difficulties in life are varies. From the simplest to the most complex. From money matter to abstract matter that cannot be understood easily. Whatever they are, the test is a process to grow ourself. To be better and to be stronger.

Life is still so long in front of us. Insya Allah. As the time flow and we are getting older there gonna be some changes and new thing and experience that we can see. More wise hopefully, more humble, more settle, more wealth and more grateful. There will be a day when our home will be filled by small children that will always follow whereever you go. Those children will be grow up seems with no time. I always considering so much about proper holistic education for children. Not only formal education but teach them to have a good character and honest. They also have to critice, asking so much, love reading, love learning and full of confidence but still humble. I just want to pour what the things that defficient and my life. I've never felt have proper love from my dad and not proper communication from my mom. I really want those experience will be not repeating for my descendant. I wanna grow old with you.

Can't wait to see again in this very close time. Thank you so much for always be so patient to me. I want to be whereever we live I can make our house like a heaven for you. I always want to treat you properly and with full of love.

PS: I love you

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