Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dear wifey - The Park Connnector

Dear wifey,

I always love riverside park near our apartment. At the time we moved there, it was so messed up because it was still in rennovation. Now as the time goes, the park connector becoming better and better. The fences are good, the trees are green. The river still dark chocolate anyway. I often wonder when our country could have such a good park. In Singapore people build the nature because they don't have natural resources at the beginning. However in Indonesia people destroy the nature and build ugly building.

I am sometime thinking to go to park at the night bringing macbook air and write an awesome software as the basis of the startup that I built. Typing c++ codes in the park at the night gonna be cool isn't it? At the other opportunity I sometime plan to have short jogging. It has been more than year since my last jogging. My jogginf rebook shoes often smile wirh ugly face to me, since he ha been worn no more than 10 times for 2 years.

When seeing to the west in the afternoon there are some magnificent view. One day I saw a beautiful orange sunset. I cannot see it fully because it was blocked by apartment building. I the other time I saw enermous unique form of cloud. I snapped it and uploaded to instagram. The sky is free and Singaporean people built a nice frame with their park connector.

However sometime the goodness and cleaness of the park is destroyed by ugly behaviour of some people. They sometime just throwing their garbage anywhere. Singapore law enforcement that is known so strict from outsider is not true all the time. Sometime I question to myself and maybe to the God. Why don't God just create nice people in this world? Why bother giving life to bad people? The world should be a better place if all the people nice isn't it? No corruptor, no murderer, no robber, no rapper, no undispline garbage thrower, no ugly smoker, no annoying neighbour. Anyway God must be have His own good reason.

Dear widey, I always love nature and the park. Looking forward to sit in beautiful park bench with you. Maybe in Europe. I love the pidgeons there. Like in Habibie and Ainun movie.

PS: I love you

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